by HKY91

ah yes, valid criticism about frozen being a shit movie must be so hard on these fictional character’s self esteem.

Nevermind that the racism and sexism in Frozen hurts actual children, think of how ur tumblr posts would make these fictional characters feel


I hate when people try to frame criticism of creative decisions by creators (especially large companies) as being attacks on the poor little characters.  This is just like when Stan Lee tried to deflect criticism of the way he writes Sue Storm by writing a comic where the F4 read fan mail and Sue was crying about how mean everybody was to her.  Sue Storm isn’t real, and acting as if people mad about the sexist creative decisions of a male writer is actually being mean to a fictional woman is really really really disingenuous.  Or when people act like Escher Girls isn’t about the way companies and the industry as a whole represents women, but is “shaming” the sexuality of the sad warrior women who just want to express themselves in boobs and butt fighting stances and battle bikinis.

These fictional characters are details in a product, and criticism of the decisions that go into making that product is no more awful than criticizing the design of the new iPhone.  It’s not hurting the iPhone’s feelings, it’s about Apple.  And trying to pretend that criticism of a multi billion dollar company like Disney is actually picking on a little girl is so so so amazingly dishonest, and willfully trying to dodge the real issues.